Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He Can Ring your Bell...Ring Your Bell! Part 2-The Big Moment

Finally the big day arrived! He got dressed uneventfully...
though he did get to hold a package of Nemo snacks! 
He even put on the dress shoes... We were worried about this since he is addicted to his "cool shoes"!
Showing Hannah the cool horse statue...I know you are shocked he found this right away!
Gorgeous gal Hannah Grace!
Some lovin' before the ceremony
That must have been some hug!

We are the luckiest parents ever!
Big Man!

Chasing Jonathan!
OMG he is so adorable!
A good made more sense with the chairs...We were hoping they hadn't wasted the good one ;)
After about 7 bags of Nemo fruit snacks, two bags of gummy and sour worms and a sack of bribes waiting at the front of the aisle...... 
Including 2 new horses, coloring book and a car........

They did it and looked too adorable for words! ( have a video I will work on getting it uploaded)

Sassy pants....during the ceremony..thanks to the bag of bribes he did great!
Waiting for his photo op...didn't go nearly as well but oh, well!
Last was getting late...can you see the pout....

Thanks Jonathan and April for letting me be a part of your special day! 

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April Marie said...

Oh my goodness- kaden did sooo great (so i hear) and he was so so adorable! Thanks for allowing him to ring in the wedding bells!