Thursday, June 11, 2009

George Strait Concert at the Dallas Cowboy SUPER STADIUM!

Meg, Jon, Christine, and I went to the new Cowboy Super Stadium to see George Strait perform! It was pretty impressive. Though the sound was terrible at the beginning!
Come on guys let's focus
Much better!
 A bit windy!
The whole gang
For some reason they wouldn't let us in the bathrooms before 4:00. 
We got there at 2:30, obviously my bladder wouldn't last that long. 
We  talked some security guard into sneaking us in, so here we are, first people to use this bathroom!
The stadium..pretty sweet!
Meg and Silly Christine

Hottie girls

After this my camera battery died, so sorry no picture of the guy next to us in the bright yellow shirt. We estimated he bought 18 beers, at $8 a piece, and drank 12 of them, spilled 2 on himself and then left 3 unopened. 
His wife abandoned him before the concert even started........ She eventually came back, 4 hours later.
He kept talking to Jon, once he even spit Skoal in his ear. 
The best was when he went down to go to the bathroom, he came up 2 sections over, in the same seat. He sat down and started chatting it up with those people for a good 15 minutes before he even realized it.
Eventually they sent him back to us, where he slurred and cheered awkwardly for every song.

Oh, and the music was good too!

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Diana said...

How fun that you got to go see that! Thanks for showing us the pics of the stadium! Pretty cool! Weak bladders unite!