Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gaylord ICE 2009

Allison and Angie posing before the freezing!

Isser and Me!

Sweet boy in a train. He was actually in a smiling mood.

Family shot, we were almost all looking.

Jon, D, Allison and ME

All bundled up

Loving the cold!

Who? A Who!

Here we go

Making their way through

Don't worry, it didn't stick!

Action shot

The Grinch

Grinch is #1?

Cozied up

First of 9 times down the slide!

"Let's get out of this igloo!"- Kaden

Issy with a fruit hat

No more pictures let's get warm!

Manger in Ice

A Picture for Uncle Mark

A ride and a snack

What a fun night!

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