Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

For the past 2 years I have wanted to take Kaden to a breakfast with Santa. This year he hasn't been totally terrified of him so we headed out for some breakfast and fun!
We checked out Santa's sleigh on the way in. No gifts for us on it but I am sure the elves are working hard on them!
Issy and Kaden enjoying the tree
Breakfast was 3 cold muffins and our choice of juice or milk. Not the hot breakfast I was imaging. Kaden did enjoy the giant sucker though!
yummy muffin!
The man of the hour!
Rudolph! I guess he is finally getting over his costumed people fear!
I had a better pic of him and Frosty ready to take but some lady walked right in front..I instead got her hiney!
Kaden enjoying some sweet SWAG!
Raising his hand to participate in the hula hoop contest, after 3 minutes he changed his mind.
Trying out the BMW!
On the way in they had a red carpet laid out. Kaden loved the nutcracker so we went back to take a picture of him.
While waiting for our turn for Santa Kaden's name was called for a door prize.He chose this annoying flashing wand. There were movies, but he insisted on this. Gun times.
A nice self portrait!
After waiting 2 hours for our turn we found out that no one was actually checking the scrap of paper that gave you your group. Needless to say this is the best picture we could get.

He did tell him what he wanted. A Mickey train, a watch and binoculars!
All in all it was fun but we won't be rushing back next year!

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