Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Punkin at 12 weeks!

We had our first sonogram on Wednesday! This was a prescreening for Down Syndrome. We will receive the results soon. We are confident this lil Punkin is healthy but wanted to make sure!

It was fun to see Punkin kicking around. This one is very active! When I start feeling it, I am in for some fun! It even had it's hands up by it's face like Kaden always used to do!

By the way, Punkin is the name Kaden has given the baby. Actually it is Punkin Punkin Jackson Rhodes. he is pretty determined it's a boy. Hopefully we will find out soon!


Unknown said...

Welcome back to blog-world! Glad to see punkin is movin' and groovin'! Can't wait to meet this little punkin! Kaden is already such a great big brother! Miss you guys!

Alisha Stewart said...