Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Incredible Pizza

Our first PSrign Break Adventure started witha trip to Incredible Pizza. We had a lot of fun!

Carousel horse in the tot spot!

Yee-haw! Have I mentioned he is obsessed with horses.

Driving on Route 66

Mini-bowling was a lot of fun. He loved it and so did we........ when he gave us a turn

Picking out the perfect ball

Motorcycle Man

Practicing his putt.......he preferred to run around and

Ride the motorcycles...

Daddy tried to help but he still preferred

The dinosaurs.....give me back my putter you T-Rex :)

Sweet dinosaur

Daddy drumming up a storm

Daddy in the racecar....he got to drive the fast ones

Kaden ready to ride!

Mommy and Kaden speedracers! He loved it!

What a fun place! I highly recommend it!

1 comment:

Diana Richards said...

Definitely seeing the Rhodes/Rynders height shining through in your little man! Sure wish we could get our boys together! Hope you all are doing well!