Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Antz in My Pantz

Last Sunday Antz in My Pantz had a special preview for our church members. It is a new indoor play area for kids.

Kaden coloring in the Art Garden

Painting....a bit messy but fun.

Checking out at the grocery store

Cleaning up

Digging in the sand

Pot head.....this had better be the only kind he ever is

If you watch 30 Rock you will appreciate this..."The Fun Cooker!"

Singing.....or echoing

Daddy and Issy

Issy putting on a puppet show

Soldier Boy..I love this one

Ballerina Issy

The breastplate of righteousness and the cod piece of self-control ;)

Lovely duet

One last ride on the firetruck and time to go!
What a fun day!

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megrynders said...

This whole post makes me smile so much! I did however notice that the pic of you in the tutu did NOT make the final cut..hmm...! I love you guys!! Jon's costume is hands down the best!