Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Drive-In

Two weeks ago we headed to the Drive-in in Granbury for some good family fun. Both movies were mediocre at best but we still had a great time!

Where's Kaden?

There he is!

Fold down the seats, lay down some pillows and blankets and snuggle up!

Daddy and Kaden enjoying our picnic dinner! Puppy Chow! Yum!

Mommy all comfy

Running around

Waiting for the 2nd feature! It was The Pink Panther 2. He was really excited about seeing it, then before it started he kept saying he was scared of the panther. Then was disppointed that the cartoon part was only the credits and quickly fell asleep!

If you are looking for soemthing fun and different head out to Granbury, Brazos Drive-in! Fun times!

1 comment:

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Dave and I have been thinking about taking the kids to the drive in there! I'm glad it was neat, even if the movies stunk.

And we really should get together again - ya'll can come over and we can grill or something!