Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ode to the Christmas Card Photo

As you know Jon and I have a long standing tradition, ok 4 years, of sending non-traditional but highly entertaining Christmas photos. The theme gets months of planning and carrying it out takes a lot of time and effort...mostly by Jon. In the end we have a cute, funny and fabulous memento for the year. This year's card is no exception and don't worry they will be out this week. As any avid Christmas card photo taker or takee knows the most difficult part is getting your audience to cooperate. Jon and I did quite well the first 2 years, we can look at the camera and smile on cue, easy right...well add a dog and a baby boy and it all changes. Last year the event took about 50 photos. Here is the run down
1. Assemble costumes for three people....homemade Mrs. CLaus...check...elf hat..check...cute Santa suit complete with hat...check..
2. Assemble entire cast in front of the tree. Kaden is happy wearing hat...scratch that....*&$^# is across the room...
3. Get Molly's attention with a treat...she is interested...great...oh wait she is now lunging for the treat held by trusty photographer Sissy...
4. What's that smell??? diaper change needed...Molly leaves the room dropping antlers as she exits. Jon goes to the bathroom and Kaden is screaming and stinky....
5. Lure Molly and Jon back reassemble...Angie's face is turning red from being squeezed by the wig..better make it fast.
6. Choke hold Molly technique goes into effect....see below for how well that worked.
7. Kaden is hungry and screaming...bottle break..
8. Clean spit up off of cute Santa suit
9. Change up the line up Daddy takes baby , mama takes dog.....still not so great.
10. As you can see these looked totally natural and usable....not so much....
11. Photographer is getting a charlie horse and complaining about bending over for so long....whiner..
12. Baby is looking, mama an daddy are shutter....the deer looked off
13. Dog..good, mama,..perfect..daddy distracted....... looks off to check out wind noise......
14. By a stroke of luck the 4 players manage to coordinate looking at the camera.
After some "photo shopping" and patience from Jon, the perfect group photo was created.
In light of these issues with organizing two adults, a 14 month old and a dog we took a different approach this year. I wouldn't dare reveal this years theme but I will tell you that this year things happened differently.

1.Each person was photographed separately
2.Jon works his magic and creates and awesome card.
Sorry to say that Molly did not make the card this simply didn't' is an ode to her!

Please notice that when she wasn't in the group photo she sat nicely and wore the ears with pride!
You decide 15 steps or 2...
For those of you who may have missed out on previous cards here is the countdown..
Last year is above..
2 years ago....

And our very first Christmas card ever....... An old fashioned Christmas

Merry Christmas and watch those mailboxes. When you receive those beautiful cards, display them on the fridge or your mantle but whatever you do don't you dare throw that took a lot of effort!


megrynders said...

You must have the most amazing and patient photographer ever! The shots she captures are truly outstanding! I think she needs a raise! I can't wait for the world to enjoy this years photo, it is amazing! :) Love, Aunt Sissy, Photographer Extraordinaire

Diana Richards said...

Of course we are anxiously awaiting! We have cancelled all our plans in anticipation for the arrivial of this card. No doubt it will severely put ours to shame! Can't wait!

The Cochran Fam said...

I hear ya! Even though our picture is nowhere near the grand scale as yours, I don't know why we keep doing it every year! We took our pictures on Saturday and took about 50 and still didn't get a perfect one. I told Judd that next year we're going to have them done by a professional! Can't wait to see this year's creation.