Friday, December 14, 2007

Feliz Navidad-Secrets Revealed

Ladies and Gents it is the moment you have all been waiting for....ok not all but humor me! The great posting of

The Rhodes family Christmas Card 2007

***Drum roll****

I would like to take a moment to go over a few things with you. We have had some questions and I wanted to clear them up.

1. We are not being racist...the guys in the movie are white...we are white...see no making fun!

2. Yes, we drew on Kaden's mustache with an eye liner...and yes we had to double team and head lock him to do it...hey it is all in the name of fun...***No babies were harmed in the making of this card***

3. Yes, Molly is still with us...and we did in fact...meaning Jon, did in fact morph her into a donkey/burro for the card...but you see there just wasn't any where to put her. So here is the pic for your enjoyment.

4. Yes, my Mustache is supposed to be crooked... At first it was a flook thing. You see we actually bought the mustaches last year but then ended up postponing the Feliz Navidad card until this year. Long story short..the stick didn't stick so we stuck on tape which didn't stick to sweat. I laughed, it slipped.... bada bing bada boom a crooked mustache. In case you were wondering when laughing my eyes shut when I laughed so my genius husband morphed my eyes from another shot to give us the pic you all are enjoying

5. Yes, Jon's mustache is on his finger...and sadly this does have a is called a finger-stache...Google it I am not kidding. One of his former student actually tattooed one of these on...just to be funny. You know if you are going to do something go all the way...that''s the Rhodes' motto.... but the tattooing of a pretend facial feature on one of your digits..too much even for us! However, this does not stop Jon from thinking that it is hilarious and wanting to replicate it with Sharpie whenever possible.
6. No, Kaden's head is not the size of ours...Jon scaled it to make it fit the card...his head is very normally sized..don't be alarmed...

7. No, we do not own 3 Three Amigos costumes. (Though we do have a ridiculous extensive costume collection from college)We did in fact attempt to wear authentic sombreros straight from Mexico but the boy wasn't having it...for those of your who don't know he has an aversion to hats and/or any one wearing them..strange I know...however, hoods don't bother him so much. If you figure it out let me know? Anyway the costumes too were morphed to our bodies through the magic of photo shop.

And finally,

8. No, we didn't choose a larger size photo card this year so that ours would be the most predominant one on your fridge..though now that I think about it..not a bad plan. You see that variety of card had the most ridiculously comical Feliz Navidad effect so that everyone would know that this was all in fun and we were in no way making fun of Mexican/Hispanic traditions/heritage....for further info on this matter see #1

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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We got ours today! So cute!