Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kaden Rhodes Boy Genius!

Ok, Genius might be a little strong but our little guy is getting smarter by the day! Here are a few more of his accomplishments and other silly antidotes!
1. Used a spoon all by himself to eat....if you can call it that...yogurt! As you can see he had a great time!BTW...he can also say "yogurt"(will post pics soon)
2. Can climb on a jump off of the ottoman all by himself...don't worry Mama or Daddy catch him!
3. Can say please...most of the time..but still has to be prompted.
4. Says "mine" with gusto!
5. Climbs on his armchair, rides the arm like a horse and then falls onto the pile of pillows that Mommy and Daddy have lovingly places beside the chair. (don't call CPS ok, he loves it! Besides it is only a foot off the ground.
6. Will scream bloody murder when put in his high chair...that is until you hand him a spoon, for some reason this makes everything all better!
7. No longer technically eats in highchair. Tray and leg divider have been removed, seat has been lowered and pulled to the head of the table. He now eats off of his animal paper plate or suction cup bowl.
8. Favorite Foods include Nana's...don't say it if you don't got one!....yogut, coocoos (cookies), eggs, raisins...yes they come out much the way they go in but he loves them!.....milk, juice from a box with a straw..definite favorite!..waffles, french toast, hot dogs (turkey..not weird parts).... And true to his mother he enjoys PEAS...sorry Papa!
9. Likes to wrestle his way into car seat, fight the straps for a while and then gets over it.
10. Loves to be chased...he will pick up something he knows he shouldn't have just so you will chase him!
11. Every time he sees a cell phone he says..."dada" Even if Jon is sitting right there he always thinks it is him. One time when I said no not Dad he said "Sissy"...that's Meg's name
12. HATES having his diaper changed...that boys gonna be potty trained ASAP!
13. Loves to ride in a card board box!
14. Loves being upside down...still
15. Will give smacking his lips
16. Waves bye-bye when appropriate or sometimes when he is ready to leave's hilarious!
17. Has gotten two molars and two coinciding ear infections..oh, joy!
18. Hates having his nose/face/hands/butt wiped......ALL BOY!
19. Can repeat most of the alphabet pretty consistently...we have it on video....I will get Jon to load it
20. Loves to tackle Molly!
21. Goes to sleep with 2 songs, a little rocking and a blanket. He is also never in the same spot when I check on him. He is moving and grooving even in his sleep!
22. He blows on his food to cool it off....even if it's not hot. He saw me do it and now does it for everything!
These are just a few fun things we have seen in the past month! He is getting so big and so much more fun everyday!


megrynders said...

my sweetest nephew truly is a genius....too bad his mama spells it!! he must get his smarts from his aunt sissy!

The Cochran Fam said...

So cute! It gets better every day, doesn't it?