Sunday, October 11, 2009

Presents Round 1!

Before the big party we decided to let Kaden open his family presents the night before. He had quite a haul!
He was super excited about opening this one, I guess because it was rather big. It wasn't terribly exciting though because it was just a roll of paper to go with his new easel.
I guess he saw this on TV because he was asking for it for weeks!
Finally a Buzz Lightyear!
Sweet boy! Reading his book that D and Papa made him.
Usign his new microphone to help us sing to him!
Blowing out the candle, this was a second before he slobbered on the cake on his final blow! I think he did it to reserve a large chunk for himself.
Perfect card found by Issy!
Trying out his new Limbo game!
allison and Molly also enjoyed playing.
Kaden informing us that we have to go one at a time for hippos! Bossy Pants!
Good night story with Papa!

He also got a new Uno game, lots of clothes and a new fun easel!
Thanks for a fun round 1!

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