Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go Mavs!

Thanks to J Wade we got tickets to the Mavs! It was a girls night plus Kaden! he is just like his daddy hanging with the ladies!
We decided to make the adventure more adventurous by riding the train!
Maddie and Vanessa finishing up some TOBO, for those of you not from Abilene,Taco Bueno
Enjoying the ride
Nice scenery!
Waiting for the game to start.....I eventually talked him into taking off the jacket so we could see his Mavs jersey!
In ahh of the giant Pepper!
After his quesadilla, cinnamon chips, and some of Vanessa's chips and queso, he talked Becky into getting him a hot dog!
The man..Mark Cuban. Much to Daddy's dismay we did not wait in lien for his autograph.
Hallf the group!
The other half..some how I made both halves :)
Becky and Me!
Almost got him to look at the camera....
Sucker time!
Tickle time!
Creepiest picture ever!
Kaden finally detached himself from me and let Issy hold him
Getting sleepy!
Kaden was more interested in Champ than anythign else...of course, he came right by us right when Kaden went to get ice cream with Issy!
Between Me and that guy over there...the Mavs rock!
We had the great idea to leave around 9:15 so the kids could get in bed at a reasonable time. Unfortunately we arrived 1 minute after the early train pulled out. The next train wasn't leaving until 10:20.
Here is how we entertained ourselves for an hour!
Reading the hand-outs
Taking a nap
Listening closely while Allison told us stories!
and, our favorite, swinging like monkeys from the luggage racks!

We eventually made it home at 11:20. Maybe the train wasn't most time efficient on the way home but it was fun !

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