Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Waco- Sic Em' Bears!

Checking out the Bear Pit

A trip to the bench. This where Jon first told me that he loved me and it is where he proposed to me.

Pat Neff Hall reflecting in the seal

The Judge

Daddy used to live here with his buddies...

It looked nothing like this!

After lunch we headed over to the Mayborn

There was an awesome lego exhibit

Princess Ella

Checking out the dinosaur bones

Mammoth dig site

Dr Pepper Can Castle

Who put this in a Baylor Museum?

Sic Em'!

Apparently Ella wasn't impressed


Going Buggy!

Nice shell phone! hee hee!

Checking out the exhibits

My Little Dutch Girl

and boy

Buffalo Girl

Who's stinks more?

This is for Papa!

Blowing bubbles

A fun trip to Waco!
Kaden went when he was 11 days old. Ella didn't make it until her one month birthday. She loved it!

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