Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drive-In Movies!

We had been wanting to go to the Drive-in Movies for a while. Having a newborn, it is the perfect place to go see a movie! We drove down and after stopping for some formula, (Mommy left the pump and milk at home) we got to the theater with time to spare. Luckily they had a mini-golf course to keep us busy!

Even Ella got in on the game!

Kaden's favorite hole had Sponge Bob on it of course!

Nice stance Daddy!

Kaden too!

A jungle safari on the course!

Ella resting in the back of the car.

Cool "barbie" car parked next to us!

We watched Grown ups and Karate Kid.
Luckily Toy Story 3 was playing on the next screen over and Kaden watched it during Grown Ups, even though he couldn't hear it!
He then stayed up until 1:45 AM watching Karate Kid. He loved it!

Fun family night!

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