Friday, May 28, 2010

The Arrival of Ella Ryn: Part 1

On Friday May 28 I got off work at 4:00. We told Kaden that we would have a family fun night since we didn't know how much longer we had. Kaden and I headed to Chuck E. Cheese in Grapevine to meet Jon. After a good hour of playing and fun we decided to head to the Rainforest Cafe. I was having random contractions but wasn't convinced that it was for real. After being told on Monday that I was at 1cm and 70%, I was on the look out though!

We headed over to The Rainforest Cafe and enjoyed some mediocre ribs and chicken. Kaden has a love hate relationship with that place. I was growing more uncomfortable and couldn't eat much. Jon was still in disbelief that it was a possibility but I was growing more convinced. Kaden and Jon wanted a snowcone and I told him that he had better hurry..half jokingly!

On the way home I started timing for real, they started about 12 minutes apart and got closer as we got closer to home. By the time we reached th Tiki Hut they were about 7 minutes. I dropped Kaden off with Jon and told him I was going home to time more carefully.

I drove home, finished packing my bag and took a shower. I was timing the whole time and they got to about 6 minutes apart.

As soon as Jon got home I requested he call Allison and put her on alert. HE casually told her they were 10 minutes apart and to be ready just in case. He then started putting Kaden to bed while I finished packing and loading the car :)

15 minutes later I called Allison and told her we were going to the hospital. She frantically ran around and got here a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, Kaden wanted me to put on his pj's which required me to walk back and forth mulitiple times to find "just the right ones". We didn't want him to panic so we didn't tell him we were leaving. I finally got him down and we headed out about 9:30.

We called our parents to put them on alert but had everyone wait until we knew it was "for real"

At the hospital at 10:15 PM...ready to go!

Upin arrival we requested room 10, where i delivered Kaden, they took me back and asked me 100 crazy questions. Inlcuding, "How do you learn best? Large group, video or one on one?" Are you kidding me??? I am about to learn how to punch you!

My beloved Doc had to go otu of town las tminute and was going to miss it. Her collegue would be there but wanted to make sure I was progressing on my own since I was only 37 1/2weeks.

At 10:30 I was a 3 and 90%. She wanted to wait until 11:30 to recheck and then admit me..i.e start the process of the epidural. As I suffered through another battery of questions I was watchign the clock and knew my contractions were getting closer and stronger. My sweet nurse pecked around the keyboard as I was slowly losing patience.

At 11:30 she finally check me again and saw that I was at a 5! They finally decided to admit me...Thank God she had let me fill out the paperwork previously!

They start the IV I am required to get before I can have my epidural. I have to get 2 bags, and have blood work and drink some sour stuff. The contractions are getting closer and closer! My amazing husband squeezes the bag to speed up the process for me!
Issy shows up to join the fun!

My beloved friend Dr. Fox comes to give me my epi at 12:00...blood work isn't back..I am getting desperate. I turn to the bedrail and give myself a nice ride as I accidently bump the buttons during the painful contractions. Sweet nurse is confused by the movement and I can't talk to explain.

Finally about 12:25 I feel my water break, she checks me again and gasps to see I am at a 10. They ask if I still want something...uh I think you know the answer!
Jon turns to Dr. Fox and says "Yeah pretty sure she does!"
I get a saddleblock, epi is out. He had to stick me 4 times, 2 local, 2 of the medicine because his needle wasn't long enough for the first location. I couldn't have cared less.

Within 5 minutes I was feeling amazing, they say they are going to let me rest. Dr. Fox reminds them that this baby will wear off. I say "We do not want it to wear off. Let's do it!"

**Side note: I do think God will give me the extra star in heaven since I did make it to a 10 drug free....right??

I start pushing around 12:50, or so they say, I am feeling nothing at this point! Issy is holding one dead leg, Jon is holding the other!

At 1:07, after just a few minutes of pushing my Precious Ella Ryn came into the world. I couldn't believe she was really here! She looked just like her big bro!

Here is Ella Ryn (pronounced Ryan)

Here is Kaden... similar right??

6 pounds, 8 oz

Grammy arrived about 10 minutes after she did!

One Happy Mama!

One Proud Papa!

We got in our room around 4 AM. Mommy slept for about an hour and a half..too much adrenaline I guess!
At 9 Am people started coming to visit!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You have such a beautiful family :)

Diana Richards said...

You are a HOSS! Thanks for sharing the story! Wish we could see her!!! Take care!

The Dobbs Family said...

OK, I have tears. I love the deatails!! Ella is so precious!! And you are amazing!!!

To God be the glory... said...

Congratulations! She is precious. Can't see the similar picture of Kaden. God bless you all!