Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Conversation

Kaden and I were driving around looking for the new park in our neighborhood when all of a sudden he said
K: "Mommy why do we have to die? Did you know that we don't die if we love Jesus?"
Me: Yes, baby that is right. When God decides we have finished our job on earth then he takes us back with him
K: Why won't we live in Keller any more?
a: Because we get to go live in heaven
K: Are there toys there?
A:Probably..there are lots of great things there. We get to go live with God and our bodies stay on earth.
K: But I will still need to poop!
a; hmm.......well not in heaven
K: Why do we not have bodies?
A; well we don't need them there
K: Is Daddy going to come?
A: Yes, everyone who loves Jesus gets to come.
K:I don't want to die
a: Well baby hopefully you will be an old man
K: ok......(random singing)

Amazing what he understands already!


Amber Reese said...

All i can say is wow. I am so amazed that he understands so much! He is so adorable. Hope to see you guys soon!

To God be the glory... said...

What a great conversation. I am glad you shared. Moments like this don't even happen in Sunday School or on Wednesday nights very often as you well know.

Christina said...

That's amazing! It just lets you know that you're doing your job as a parent. These little guys are given to us to raise as God's children on loan.

Diana Richards said...

That is so sweet! We passed a cemetery the other day, and I was trying to explain what that was. I didn't do a very good job, though, because Zach said, "I want to die so I can go underground." Maybe I'll try a different approach next time! :)