Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cookies!

Another fun family adventure of baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Maybe the dough was pre-made but it was still a fun family tradition to uphold!

Cookie cutting madness

Issy and Kaden


Sweet little cookie baker!

After a while he started enjoying the spatula more than the cookie cutters

Definition of joy....

Enjoying his hard work
Is that Martha Stewart?

Decorating Queens!

It is her!

Jon was so very proud of this dinosaur!

This is Jon's face when he realized that the Saran Wrap had messed up his Santa face......

A great time was had by all. The cookies were delicious and we even shared some!

1 comment:

megrynders said...

For some reason I can't stop laughing at that pic of Jon's dinosaur cookie. I also noticed that all the pics of Issy's cookies are mysteriously missing as well..what? are they not cute enough?!? LOL last thought..i noticed that the only cookie on your "perfect" plate that you let Kaden eat...was the one of the candy cane I made that just didn't "measure up" to Martha Stewart's expectations!! HAHA I am DYING laughing over here.